HELVETIA Games: a new concept
Légendes d’Helvétia, TOME 1

HELVETIA Games, a new concept ..

Our players deserve the best… At HELVETIA Games, our aim is to offer the best possible deal to our players. It seems that apart from the mechanics of the game, a lot of importance goes to the visual or artistic presentation. This is why we have not gone for cheap , basic material, but for a product which will also give pleasure in a visual and tactile way. With this in mind, in HELVETIA Cup, we decided on figurines instead of cardboard cut-outs on a plastic support or a piece of wood with a stick-on label. Because playing with figurines gives another dimension, brings the game to life, just look at the stars in the eyes of the players, to understand our motivation ! With the same idea, in SHAFAUSA, we offer a box with over 500 pieces, to include two different games and also a variation which offers a completely different way to play the game - a new and original way to extend the possibilities of play, all in the same box ! In this game for 2 to 6 players, you will find 8 «tribe» boards, each equipped with 3 «POWER cards» of which only one can be used at each game. You will also find the “colonial” version for the purists and a FAMILY version which can be played from age 8 upwards. You can see at a glance that : 8x3 +1+1= 26 different ways of starting the game, and all this in the same box… which will give hours and hours of exciting and varied play. So with quality material, fascinating figurines and exciting game themes and strategies, with HELVETIA Games we give fantastic value for money and ensure that the players will never get bored with their board games!! Because the players are our priority !


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